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IEESC researcher delivered presentation at ECCC Plastics Knowledge Mobilization Workshop

December 1, 2022

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together plastics science researchers and federal policy makers from across Canada to discuss the impacts of plastic pollution, present research progress to date, and build networks among researchers and government policy makers. This workshop’s focus was research activities supported by Environment and Climate Change Canada under the Increasing Knowledge on Plastic Pollution initiative, the Plastics Science for a Cleaner Future initiative, and the Northern Contaminants Program. This workshop will help inform future work to support Canada’s Plastics Science Agenda.


A presentation titled “Occurrence and Ecotoxicological Effects of Micro/Nanoplastics in Saskatchewan Watersheds” was delivered by an IEESC researcher. It showcased project outcomes on plastic pollution, which was funded by Knowledge on Plastic Pollution initiative. In this project, the occurrence, characteristics, and distribution of plastic contamination in Saskatchewan watersheds were revealed through sampling, characterization, and Synchrotron-based analytical technology. The findings can help enrich the understandings of the current state of plastic pollution, and support related environmental policy-making in Canada, especially in the prairies.

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