Inexact Optimization

  • Energy and environmental systems are complicated with many unknowns. IEESC’s inexact optimization methods help businesses and governments make decisions in the face of those unknowns.
  • Inexact optimization is a method of analysis using math and software to generate combinations of solutions. The methods address many kinds of uncertainty by identifying ideal decisions under various conditions. Decision makers are presented with a complete view of a problem and through an analysis of interactive factors, we come up with a range of the best decisions that can be made.
  • IEESC members have developed a new set of methods called interactive inexact optimization, which is regarded as a significant breakthrough in the field of systems analysis under uncertainty.
  • IEESC’s methods are used by researchers around the world for pollution control planning, energy system management, solid waste disposal, water resources management, and climate change adaptation.
  • Funded by: Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council.