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Meet our students: Kailong Li profile

Kailong Li is a University of Regina PhD student in the Institute for Energy, Environment and Sustainable Communities.

What program are you studying and when did you start it?

I started a thesis-based PhD program in September 2015.

When did you know that you wanted to go to graduate school?

It was during my undergraduate period when I realized that I love hydrology and that I should pursue it to the highest level I could reach.

Tell us about your research.

I study hydrology and water resources management. My research has to do with the natural water cycle, to which the insights could help engineers with flood control, civil engineering and water resources planning. I am influenced by my father who is a senior hydrologic engineer in my hometown. I became interested in this subject since entering university.

What do you find most interesting about your research topic?

The most interesting thing about my research is that the natural water cycle is changing all the time due to climate change and human activities such as ponding (holding water by a dam), water extraction and land use changes, etc. Such changes greatly influence the spatial-temporal water distribution and thereby gradually alter water use and management behaviours around the world. Therefore, it is critical to understand the changes related to the water cycle.

Tell us about your experience with IEESC and Regina. What have you learned that is most valuable?

I love this small city, which is tranquil and very suitable for study. Our community at IEESC is really an inspiring place to do research with a lot of friendly people.

What advice would you give to a student considering a visit to IEESC and Regina?

If you are stuck on your research, IEESC and Regina could be a good place to improve you, energize you, inspire you and help you getting rid of a disturbed mind.

Where do you find your inspiration?

It could be at anywhere and anytime when I am thinking alone or in discussion with others.

What are your future plans?

I am going to complete the model that I am currently developing and share the knowledge with hydrologists and engineers around the world.

Thanks Kailong and good luck with your research!


To learn more about Kailong’s research, see the following publication:

Li, K., G. Huang, and S. Wang (2019), Market-based stochastic optimization of water resources systems for improving drought resilience and economic efficiency in arid regions, Journal of Cleaner Production, 233 (2019): 522-537.


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